Meet Emily

I, Emily Bonilla, am seeking re-election as Orange County Commissioner.

Born in New York and raised in Massachusetts, I am a proud Floridian of 20 years. I obtained an Associates Degree in Film from Valencia, a Bachelor’s in English from UCF and a Masters in Internet Marketing from Full Sail University.

I have extensive private sector experience in film, photography, marketing, and creative writing. Brought up in an impoverished family of origin, I am a visionary who carved out a successful niche in the highly-competitive industry. A strong advocate for women, I developed comprehensive marketing tools and strategies that give work at home mom’s (WAHM) a boost up the business ladder.

Following years of entrepreneurial accomplishments, I worked as a Career Advisor at Full Sail University. Duties included assisting new grads with finding employment and/or creating their own business.

A long-time supporter of our planet, I am all about promoting the conservation of Orange County’s natural and economic resources. I work unceasingly to protect the black bears and ban fracking in Florida.

Seeing a need for the organization of residents to protect their rural environment, I created Save East Orlando in 2013, which I later transformed the assets into East of the Econ (™), LLC. I also served as a co-founder and acting Chairperson of Save Orange County until 2015.

Elected in 2016 for my first term as Orange County Commissioner, I have accomplished the following so far!

  • It has been very fulfilling to accomplish changes in the Orange County growth management process to protect our wetlands and environment.
  • Our children are our future and I am glad I was able to influence the Board to put aside $20 million more from our $4.3 billion budget towards children’s services (which includes educational opportunities) without raising taxes.
  • With a yearly budget that is granted to my office, I was able to install some measures to make streets safer for pedestrians and work with our transportation department to conduct studies and make other changes to improve public safety in the district.
  • I have been successful in preventing larger businesses from using our county government through ordinance changes to wipe out smaller competing family-owned businesses.