For the Orange County Commission seat, to be added on the voting ballot, you can pay a fee of over $3,000 or get 1,430 petition signatures from registered voters in the district.

You are in District 5 if you are in these zip codes:

32709, 32751, 32789, 32792, 32794, 32801, 32803, 32804, 32807, 32814, 32817, 32820, 32826, 32833

Go to this link for a map of district 5: District5Map

STEPS TO COMPLETE (very easy):

      1. Print out the petition. Here is the link to the petition form to print and complete: Emily Bonilla Candidate Petition 2020
      2. Please print your Name, Date of Birth, Address, City, Zip Code, Signature, and the Date. The rest is already filled out for you.  See the  sample  below.Emily Bonilla Petition 2020 sample
      3. To return the petition to us, you can contact us here: Campaign of Emily Bonilla and give us your address so that we can pick it up, or you can mail it to our campaign at:
        Campaign of Emily Bonilla
        19263 Lake Pickett Rd, Orlando, FL 32820
      4. Thank you!